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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Edcuation Board Result

Madrasah Board | Madrasah education board

Alia madrasah board is established in 1780. Madrasah board education was then started formally .accordingly madrasa education was reformed. The British government and formed madrasa education board of Bengal. Particularly late Fazlul Haque the prime minister announced in a prize giving ceremony is Kolkata Alia Madrasah in 1939. All Madrasah are controlled by the Minister of secondary and higher secondary education board Bangladesh. All of academic, administration and development activities are directed by the direct supervision of principal at present of vice-principal.I wanted particularly spread of madrasah education should be modernization and one Arabic university should be setting.Actualized this announced of Share-Bangla a committee named Moula box was formed. This is committee, along with the advice of establishing a university for madrasah students, advice in the following way for the entire development of madrasa education. You can check your   Alim/SSC result 2016  under the madrasa education board result from our website.
Madrasah Board

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