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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Edcuation Board Result

PSC result 2016 published by get you result

PSC Result 2016 published by the primary department of Bangladesh. PSC   full name primary school certificate .PSC exam result will be published on December 2016 Bangladesh primary education board. PSC result and   Ebtedayee result     2016 will be published same time though online.  The Psc exam gives class five of students. All examinee will can their PSC exam   result/Ebtedayee exam Result 2016 mark sheet download from online. Interested any examinee will download PSC exam result 2016 Bangladesh full mark sheet all education board in Bangladesh .If you want to know more about psc exam result 2106   will know from bellow.
PSC Result 2016
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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Edcuation Board Result

Honours 1st year Result 2016 | Honours 3rd year result 2016

Honours 1st year result 2016 has been published on June. Already you have taken your exam. Your exam routine published few month ago. Your Honours 1st-year exam start on 6th February in 2016. And the exam end of 14th march in 2016. You have already known your exam date and time. After the examination, you have to wait some days to published your result. Your all notice for any examination published by NU. NU honors 1st-year result published on their website. You have to visit our site for any information of NU. This is the official site of NU You download the final exam result from our site. Anyone can download NU honours 1st year  Result easily here. You have to search for your honors result from any website. To get your result type this URL You have also typed our website for any notice of NU. Your site URL is You have to find any information from here. You have to get your result by mobile SMS. So you have to follow the below to get your result by phone. Type this NU <___> H1<___>Roll no and then send to 16222. For the <___> means space.  For an example: Nu H1 653211 to 16222.
Honours 1st year result 2016

National University Honors 3rd year Result 2016

The National university honors 3rd Year exam result is here. You have to follow us to get your exam result. You have already taken your exam. Now you wait for your exam result. After finished your exam you have to wait few days for the result. Students should wait 60 days to get their exam result. " NU honors 3rd Year exam result" 2016 published last week of May or first week on June. It will be published by NU. You have to visit National university site to watch your result. If you will get your result stay with us. NU honors 3rd Year exam session 2012-2013 was held on 03 February to 12th march. Your honors 3rd Year exam start on 3rd February in 2016. The regular or irregular students participate this examination. And Your exam finished on 12th march in 2016. Your exam will start at 1 pm at 5 pm. Every exam  day on this time your exam start and end. The NU honours 3rd Year exam result is applicable for regular, irregular, and the improvement students. 2014 Honors result published soon. To get your result you directly visit our site. We help to get your NU honors 3rd Year exam result. For more details you have to follow us.

How to get Nu Honors 3rd exam result 2016 by

For this post, We have a question for you. How have you to get your result? If you don’t know how to get you result. Then I will explain to you how to get your result. So let's go to find any exam result for NU honours exam result. There is two way to get your exam result. First is online and the other is mobile. In here we discuss you how to get your result in online. At first, you search website to type Honours 3rd year exam result 2016. Select Honors from left sidebar. And then year list will appear or select 3rd Year. After that, they show you a result box and you type your roll or reg no on the box. Then you click the search result button.  After that, you wait for few second to show your result.

Honours 1st year Result 2016 to get by mobile SMS

Here is the other way to get your NU result by mobile SMS. It is the easy way to get your exam result. If you want to know your result by mobile SMS. Then try any phone to get honors Result 2016 by mobile SMS from Bangladeshi operator which is powered by Teletalk. First, you have to type NU then a year then roll and send to 16222. For an example: NU H1 216548 to 16222.
Your national university Result not published now. When National university result published we update our site. And that time you stay with us. You have also get your SSC Results 2017 from this website on this link.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Edcuation Board Result

National University Degree Result 2016

National university degree result 2016 has been published soon. National university admission test . degree, masters, Honors exam finished and you already achieve your result. National university degree pass and certificate course session 2014 students exam result 2016 has published soon. National university old syllabus exam routine 2014 published on 15 February in 2016. National university degree exam routine only for old syllabus students. "NU degree old syllabus" exam start on 6th march in 2016. And NU degree old syllabus exam finished on 11 May in 2016. NU degree routine is important for 2012-2013 and 2011-2012 regular and other is the irregular or improvement students. Degree new syllabus students exam already taken. New syllabus exam students wait some days for your new syllabus exam result 2014. Degree old syllabus students  exam start at 2:00 pm according  to your exam date and time.
Degree Result 2016

NU degree result 2016 for old syllabus 2014

National university exam result session 2014 published soon. NU degree old syllabus student you already take your exam routine. Your exam start on 6th march and end the exam on 11 may in 2016. Your exam start at 2pm on your exam day. After the examination your result published soon. When your result published we update our site. For any information you have to visit our site The session of 2012-2013 regular and the session 2011-2012 irregular & improvement students attend the examination. This exam is important for the students who are irregular.

NU degree result 2016 for new syllabus students 2014

Nation university degree exam result 2014 for regular students. Your exam routine published already. Your exam start on 19 November in 2016. You have already taken your exam by NU. You have to wait now for your exam result. Your exam result not published. When your exam result published we update our site. You have to visit here for your exam result and routine. National university old syllabus exam routine already published. NU degree old syllabus 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year exam start on randomly. The exam duration will be write in exam paper. You already know your exam start at 2pm on your exam date. For your information if you want to know about any information. for SSC exam result or HSC exam result you have to watch our site. SSC exam routine already taken students. And the HSC exam routine published few day ago. After the exam student wait 60 days to publish their result.

NU degree 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year exam result

National university 1st year exam routine already published. And the 2nd year exam routine and 3rd year exam routine published on few days ago. Your NU degree exam result published soon. Your  NU degree exam result published by Bangladesh National University board. Which is situate at Gazipur. The government site of National university board is You have to visit this site for your result. And you have to visit our site to get your result. National university new syllabus exam students already  take their exam routine. And Your result published soon by NU. And the student of old syllabus student your exam routine published on 15 february in 2016. Your exam start on 6th march and finished on 11 May in 2016. For your result you have to visit our site. Your exam result not published. If it published we update our site.
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Edcuation Board Result

SSC Result 2016 | SSC Exam Result 2016 published

Are you want to know about "SSC Result 2016". Yes, you may know about SSC Result. You want to know how may get your SSC Exam Result 2016. For this, you have to know process how may get the result. Bangladesh education Board published SSC Exam Result. Bangladesh has 11 education board for Secondary and higher secondary education. SSC and SSC equivalent result in 2016 published by "Education Board Bangladesh".

SSC Result 2016

SSC Result 2016SSC Result 2016 important for SSC examinee 2016. SSC exam held on 1st-Feb to 8th March. SSC Result published by Bangladesh education Board. It provides SSC Result 2016 mark sheet. You may see SSC result mark sheet from here. Bangladesh Education Board provides "SSC and SSC equivalent result" from 1996 to present on their website. You can print mark sheet that published by education board. There are also other methods to get SSC Result 2016. Bangladesh mobile operators published SSC Result 2016. If all those ways do not work for you. You may collect result from your institute. When educational ministry published SSC result 2016 it appears in whole Bangladesh same day. Students get their result on the same day from their institute.

SSC Result 2016 published method

Bangladesh has a traditional method for publishing SSC Result. All board taking SSC exam 2016 distribute answer sheet for the check. Examiner checking those answer sheets make mark sheet. After competing for all those work. Educational secretary makes first SSC Result 2016 and transfers into educational ministry. Educational ministry collects all board result information. Educational ministry makes a meeting with another parliament member. Officially complete meeting Result hand over to the prime minister. Then result published from educational ministry to prime minister. SSC Result appeared the country within some hour. Bangladesh result published official website published the result. Bangladesh mobile operator also published Education Board Result.

SSC Result 2016 by

SSC Result 2016 published by is Bangladeshi largest result provide the site. It published JSC, SSC & HSC result, and equivalent result. SSC Result 2016 also published by this board. It published all secondary & higher secondary schools result. Are you know how may get SSC Result 2016 from website? If you don't know you may know it from below:
  1. First, you have checked your internet connection. If it is ok then you may open a browser. Type on address bar When the page is load then you have to search for SSC Result 2016. Choice the address with: Or you may go to When page load you may see a box that has to fill the information for your wanted result.
  2. When the page loads then you have to put information in this box. Are you looking for SSC Result 2016? If you want this you have to select SSC/Dakhil as examination. If you are an SSC Vocational Student you have to SSC (vocational) examination.
  3. Second box for your year. I mean you are wanted to see SSC Result. I hope your examination was held on 2016. Then you have to select your year as 2016.
  4. In this step, you have to select your board. That board takes your examination you have to select this board. If your examination held on under Dhaka board you have to select Dhaka board. If exam takes under Barisal Board you have to select Barisal Board. If it takes under Chittagong board you have to select Chittagong board. If it takes under Comilla board you have to select Comilla board. If it takes under Dinajpur Board you have to select Dinajpur Board. If it takes under Jessore board you have to select Jessore board. If it takes under Rajshahi board you have to select Rajshahi board. If it takes under Sylhet board you have to select Sylhet board. If it takes under Madrasah board you have to select Madrasah board. If it takes under Technical Board you have to select it, technical board. I hope that you may choose your board from here. If you do not select your right board you do not get the right result.
  5. On this gap, you have to write your roll number. You have to write your roll number without any errors.
  6. This step is for the verifying robot. You have to calculate the verification math and put on the box. It is a dynamic number to verify.
  7. On this step, you have to submit this from. If you have to able to success for those entire steps you would be the success for getting your SSC Result 2016.
SSC Result 2016 bd

                Example:  SSC Result 2016 for Dhaka Board
Reset    Submit

SSC Result 2016 by mobile SMS

You may get SSC Result 2016 by Bangladeshi mobile operators. Bangladeshi mobile operators published SSC Result. It charges 2.37tk/SMS for the result. Are you knows how to get SSC Result 2016 by mobile SMS? For that, you go to message option. Create a new message. Write SSC for SSC result, DAK for Dakhil exam. Gave a space and write first three letters of won education board. Like "DHA" for Dhaka Board. Gave another space and write your roll number. Gave also space writes your exam year "2016". And send to 16222.
Example: "SSC DHA 254687 2016".
First three latter of all education board:
  • Dhaka Board= DHA
  • Barisal Board= BAR
  • Comilla Board= COM
  • Chittagong Board= CHI
  • Dinajpur Board= DIN
  • Jessore Board= JES
  • Rajshahi Board= RAJ
  • Sylhet Board= SYL
  • Madrasah Board= MAD
  • Technical Board= TEC

SSC Result 2016 by android result apps

SSC Result 2016 also available by android apps. You may install this app from Google play store. The app link is . Select your examination, year, Board and roll and submit it. If all information is correct you may see your result from here.

SSC Result 2016 all education board

Are you wanted to see different education board result? Don't worry; you may get all education board SSC Result 2016 from this site. provide all education board result.

SSC Result 2016 publish date and time

We always update our social page. You may get SSC Result latest update following facebook, twitter, google+ and another social network. You all ready get your SSC Result 2016 from here. Now have to see your SSC Result 2017.

SSC Result 2107 education board BD

SSC Result 2017 education board BD will published in May. You have to get your education board SSC Results 2017 from here. Also you have to know other education board result 2017. Lets know about the details of SSC Results 2017 from  
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Edcuation Board Result

Education Board Result Bangladesh all Board Result

Education Board result Bangladesh is a govt result published services in Bangladesh. It is an official Board Result published website. That name of url is "". It provides Board final exam Education Result. The Name of website is "Ministry Of Education". The Description of website is "Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards Bangladesh". It is also official website of Education Board Bangladesh.

Education Board Results

Education Board Results Provides most of board result in Bangladesh. In a word, education board result published all important final board exam result. It published total 9 (nine) types of final board exam result for Bangladeshi students. “" or Education Board Bangladesh Provide that Result Below:
Education Board Result
  1. HSC/Alim/Equipment
  2. JSC/JDC
  3. SSC/Dakhil
  4. SSC(Vocational)
  5. HSC/Alim
  6. HSC(Vocational)
  7. HSC(BM)
  8. Diploma in Commerce
  9. Diploma in Business Studies
Education Boards Bangladesh
Bangladesh has ten education board in Intermediate and Secondary Level. All boards are most important for educatio system. There are seven board are general. Other two are Madrasah and Technical. Every Board Take their exam in different question paper. But some exams are held in same exam paper. All those Board Exam results are published by Education Board Result. Its Official Website is “”. Intermediate and secondary Board name in the below:
  1. Dhaka Board
  2. Barisal Board
  3. Rajshahi Board
  4. Comilla Board
  5. Jessore Board
  6. Chittagong Board
  7. Barisal Board
  8. Sylhet Board
  9. Madrasah Board
  10. Technical Board

That's Bangladesh Intermediate and secondary education boards all results list. There are other boards in Bangladesh. The name of other board is Primary Education Board, Technical Education Board and Higher Education board. That board is not in education board result or "".

Education Board Result by Mobile

There are some mobile operators. Who's provide Education Board Result By SMS Service. It is not free Service. It service charge is 2.30tk/sms. The system of mobile result service provide first by Bangladesh. The Rules to get results via mobile the below:
In mobile message Options Create a new message following the Rules. Otherwise you do not get your result.
  1. Type Three Latter of Exam name Like “SSC”. Then Press space.
  2. Type The First Three latter of exam Board Name like "DHA" for Dhaka board. Then give a space.
  3. Now Type your full roll number like “112231”. And make a single space.
  4. In this step you just type your passing year like “2015”.
  5. After completing all those step. You will have to send message to 16222.
Message Format will be like “SSC DHA 112231 2015” and send to be 16222.

Education Board Result Mobile Board Name Code to Get Result by SMS

  1. Dhaka Board (DHA)
  2. Barisal Board (BAR)
  3. Rajshahi Board (RAJ)
  4. Comilla Board (COM)
  5. Jessore Board (JES)
  6. Chittagong Board (CHI)
  7. Barisal Board (BAR)
  8. Sylhet Board (SYL)
  9. Madrasah Board (MAD)
  10. Technical Board (TEC)

When result will published the server system became very busy. So result by mobile may be late from normal time. But don’t worry you may get you result via mobile sometimes late. Here you are know the education board name and now I'm going to give you 2017 education curriculum for your knowledge.

All education board result Bangladesh

All education board result in Bangladesh in here. The students of Bangladesh from All education board get your Result in here. We are providing education board result in Bangladesh. Now lets know the examination result of 2017. You have to get first examination result of 2017. SSC Result 2017 is the first examination result in public examination. Then you Have to get your HSC Result 2017 all education board result. And 3rd time get JSC result 2017 from Bangladesh education board. So get your all education board SSC Results 2017 in here. 

Education Board Result by Website:

There is many more website to published education board result. Those entire website published there result via education board result. The website address is Some private education board result published website address is more other.

Education Board result official website server problem publishing result

When Education Board Result be published. Server becomes very busy. For this resin server become down and create a traffic jam. For same resin server also be slow. It is boring for all to views result. Some people become very excited. Sore are worried for result. And all people wait for result and spend their valuable time for results.

Best way to get education board result

There is many more way to get education board result. I will explain two ways to get Education Board Result easier.
First One way to get Education Board Result Below:
Type the on address bar and go to education board result. There you may see education board result official website. You must select all of option.

How may set up Education Board Result From

  1. Examination: Select one examination that result you want to see. If you want to see ssc result you have select option "SSC/Dakhil".
  2. Year: Select Your Exam Year. If you want to see your SSC result that you have passed 2015 or held in 2015. You have Select like "2015".
  3. Board: Select Your Education Board. You have selected your education Board by your exam taken that board. If your exam taken Dhaka board you have select like "Dhaka".
  4. Roll: Now you have type your roll on this is blank box. It is your education board roll number and fills it like "132435".
  5. Verification: In this step there have two dynamic numbers to add. You have solved those numbers like "13+11= 24". If number is "8+9" you have fill this gave by "17".
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Friday, March 4, 2016

Edcuation Board Result

SSC Result 2016 Dhaka Board

SSC Result 2016 Dhaka Board will be published on May 2016. Bangladesh all education Board SSC/Dakhil or others Result will release in same time. This Result will be declared by Bangladesh Government of Education Ministry. Dhaka Board was building in 1995. It is the most important Board in Bangladesh. All country of Maximum well get Result or GPA-5 or Great Point Average Results is Dhaka Board. So it is the important Board of the country.   In the previous year was SSC or Secondary School Certificate Result was published in 30 May 2015. Dhaka board has includes that the 17 district this districts such as 1.Dhaka, 2.Gopalganj, 3.Gajipur, 4.Jamalpur, 5.Munshiganj, 6.Manikganj, 7.Madaripur, 8.Kishoreganj, 9.Narsingdhi, 10.Narayanganj, 11.Mymensingh, 12.Sherpur, 13.Shariatpur, 14.Rajbari, 15.Netrakona, 16.Tangail, and 17.Faridpur are related in Dhaka Board. The Dhaka Board is Control SSC Secondary School Certificate and HSC Higher Secondary Certificate. This SSC and HSC Result, Routine, Exam are also works is control the Dhaka Education Board.
SSC Result 2016 Dhaka board

How to get your SSC Result 2016 Dhaka board by online or SMS in Mobile via:

You can get your SSC Result 2016 Dhaka board by online. Online Result will be published in our site so your result can get from here. Above your result will get Government site is

SSC Result 2016 by Mobile SMS via:

You can get your SSC/Dakhil or others result for show your Mobile via. It is the best system for show your result. So please fallow this rules:
Firstly open your mobile and go to your SMS option and type SSC <space> you’re your of first three letter <space> your SSC exam roll <space> your exam year and send to 16222.
Fallow this Example:
Will be type SSC <space> DHA <space> 698187 <space> 2016 and send 16222.
It you want to get your SSC Result of Dhaka Board so fallow this example. If you above board result can you get Dakhil or Vocational result so type and change three letters of board. Thus the same way for get this result.
How to get firstly your SSC exam result 2016? 
To know SSC result 2016 of Dhaka board or others board see the home page in our site If you want to go Bangladesh Education Board of official site so click this link Then get your result of Dhaka Board click and board name type.
We pray that your SSC 2016 result is best. So it is very important result of you. You will get SSC or equivalent result after two end of SSC/Dakhil or equivalent exam. This result will release just time at 2pm.

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